SXPF Club Championships

SxPF runs two club championship events each year:

  • April – the Print Championship
  • November – the PDI championship

These competitions are open to club entries from all SxPF member clubs.

Both events were redesigned in 2014 with the following principles:

  • Should be seen as the most prestigious county events for Sussex Clubs.
  • Should be different to other county / regional competitions.
  • Should expand the opportunity for Sussex club photographers
  • Should include exhibition of prints (print championship).
  • Should expand diversity of judges and challenge judges in new ways.

About the Events

Both Championships are assessed by three judges, in common with most regional and national events.

The PDI Championship is assessed in a morning session, which is open to view. Judges use an electronic scoring system. Presentation of all club entries, together with a selective commentary from the assessors, is made in the afternoon.

The Print Championship is staged as an exhibition, which is assessed in a closed morning session. The exhibition opens in late morning and is followed by presentation of all club entries, together with a selective commentary from the assessors, in the afternoon.

The addition of commentary and presentation to such a regional competition makes the SxPF Championships unique and prestigious.


The marking scheme adopted in most multi-judge regional events is in the range of 2-5.

This works well for exhibition selection. But in a multi club event the scheme tends to produce many ties and does not give the assessor sufficient flexibility to differentiate, particularly on the degree of Expressive Quality in an image.  Marking out of 10 or 20 provides much less chance of tied scores by creating greater separation.

Judging in this style, often with as little as ten seconds to consider a mark, also tends to reward immediate and recognisable impact, either of colour or subject matter.

  • In our PDI Championships, we encourage the judges to allow more time to view each image, so that all images, including those with more subtlety of expression, are given fair and equal consideration.
  • The Print Championship is assessed in situ, allowing the judges to walk around and to consider all images individually, with access to a lightbox for finer viewing.

Championships Rules

Championships News

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