About the Sussex Championships

Sussex Photographic Federation (SxPF) currently runs two major competitions per year, open to all member clubs:

  • The PDI Championship – run in late Autumn
  • The Print Championship – run in the Spring

The competitions were redesigned in 2014 with several key aims:

  1. Should be seen as the most prestigious county events for Sussex Clubs.
  2. Should not duplicate what is available from other Federations.
  3. Should expand the opportunity for all Sussex club photographers in a way that other competitions do not.
  4. Should expand the awards for individual photographers among more themes.
  5. Should include exhibition of prints (print championship).
  6. Should expand diversity of judges and challenge judges in new ways.


SxPF Club Championship Rules 2017 V3.1 – PDF

SxPF Club Championship Rules 2017 V3.1 – DOCX

Guide Notes- Partner Clubs (PDF)


Previously our competitions were judged a traditional way with all images receiving a full comment, just as on a club night. This allowed only five images per club, with the usual result that the same talented photographers tended to represent the club each time, limiting opportunity.

To expand the number of entries we have adopted an exhibition / salon style with three judges using electronic scoring for PDI and walkaround scoring for Prints, followed by a commentary and presentation.

To expand the opportunity for photographers we have adopted two classes: Open and Development. A club entry consists of twelve images, six in each class. The Development class is open only to photographers of primary or intermediate standard.

We believe that this combined style of exhibition judging and comment, together with opening up opportunities for less experienced photographers, makes for a unique event.


Multi-judging events tend to be marked in the 2-5 range, which we believe is limited in its application to exhibitions, where it can be used for selection. For inter-club competitions it tends to produce many ties and does not give the assessor sufficient flexibility to differentiate, particularly on degree of Expressive Quality.  Marking out of 10 or 20 provides much less chance of tied scores and creates greater separation for both images and clubs.

Judging in this style with a keypad, often with as little as ten seconds to consider a mark, also tends to reward immediate and recognisable impact, either of colour or subject matter. We wish to allow more time per image, allowing judges to consider:

  • the weight afforded to the Expressive Quality of the image, as well as to the craft and to technical elements
  • whether an image shows real individuality and engagement with the subject or is simply following fashion
  • what emerges from a more subtle or less obvious image when we allow ourselves to consider it, to get beneath the surface or to participate in it
  • whether impact endures or fades quickly on further consideration
  • all genres equally and fairly without bias

This requires our judges to be fleet of thinking and willing to stop occasionally to give an image the consideration it deserves.

We are also committed to providing opportunities for new judges at a prestigious event such as a County-level inter-club.Judges will not be announced to clubs until after the closing date for entries.


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